DIP Vision

Understanding the mechanistic basis of veterinary disease

Animal diseases have a major impact on our society. They cause suffering to pets, farm and wild-life animals, create economic damage, affect biodiversity and represent a source of pathogens that spread to humans. Despite their relevance, the mechanistic basis of veterinary diseases is often poorly investigated. In addition to contributing to animal welfare and sustainable management, the investigation of diseases in animals serves as a useful model to understand the equivalent disease in humans.

We have therefore set ourselves an ambitious goal: to get a thorough understanding of the diseases that will ultimately have an impact on the health of both veterinary and human patients - today’s research for tomorrow’s cure in the frame of the One Health concept.

To reach this goal cutting-edge fundamental and translational research is needed. We also know that we cannot reach this on our own. Therefore, knowledge exchange and collaboration at a regional, national, European and global level are very important for us.

Moreover, as one of the top ranked veterinary schools worldwide, we have the ambition to equip our students with state-of-the-art knowledge on the mechanistic basis of veterinary disease. This will help them making a major contribution to the health of animals.

Our core values

  • Excellence

We thrive for groundbreaking research discoveries, sustainable innovations and high-quality teaching.

  • Diversity

We know that diverse teams perform best to reach our goals.

  • Integrity

In addition to scientific integrity, we value leadership and personal integrity of our department members.

  • Cooperation

We collaborate within and outside of our department. Each day we can become better by learning from each other.